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Sansar user profile screen

Browse collections users have created

Sansar search screen

Ubiquitous search and filter

Sansar location screen

Explore VR locations through your browser


How do you show the best content a virtual reality game has to offer, in the browser? Sansar was a new platform for users to create and share virtual reality content that I helped LindenLab conceptualise.

No man left behind

A principle I set out to accomplish designing this experience was to ensure feature parity between desktop and mobile. It was also paramount for users to be able to transition into these VR experiences as seamlessly as possible, so every item, location, or avatar could at the touch of a button be viewed and rendered in real-time 3D or a VR environment.

Sansar home page on desktop

LindenLab’s previous social game, SecondLife, highly emphasised user-created content. This is to be key in Sansar and so empowering users to collect, curate and share this content is an important tool for discovery.

I believed creating shareable collections in an open format will bolster discoverability across the web. Combined with my suggestion that these embedded experiences should also at the click of a button have the ability to transform into a VR experience deeply shows commitment to engaging experiences.

Sansar's embeddable widgets