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Helping Women Get Online website on desktop and mobile

I worked within the Brand Studio team at Google as a UX designer creating microsites that communicated the benefit of Google technologies.

Helping Women Get Online

Helping Women Get Online was an India based initiative to empower women in India to use technology and the internet.

The initiative broke out into real-world initiatives that would involve person-to-person teaching alongside free WiFi at over 400 train stations across India.

Women in India, crowding a cart, being taught how to use Google

Women being taught how to use Google at a pop-up event.

Technical aspects of the site’s development and the audience for whom it was being created were at the forefront of our minds when designing HWGO. When developing our designs alongside Google’s developers, we focused our attention on solutions for low-bandwidth users, low-end Android devices, a multi-lingual audience, and mobile-centric demographic.

Helping Women Get Online website on desktop

The launch of the site was widely praised as a great initiative and continues to remain relevant today with hundreds of thousands of women gaining the knowledge to help them in their daily lives.

bounce rate
8 min
average time on site
Helping Women Get Online website on mobile


I also worked to educate Japanese users about Google products such as Google Search, YouTube, and Google Drive. One such example is Dekirukoto which was a microsite specifically aimed at informing people in Japan of tips and tricks they could use. The site existed before I had joined Google, however, we weren’t confident it was working as well as it could, and it was also difficult to update.

After review Google Analytics data and talking to the Product Manager, we set about creating and testing a series of modifications to improve retention and discovery on the website.

Google Dekirukoto

The site featured step-by-step instructions, categorised by product. that worked flawlessly on desktop and mobile devices alike. The median duration of user sessions was over 4 minutes, validating the site’s purpose through high engagement.

decrease in bounce rate
increase in visit duration
increase in pages visited
A wireframe of an advertisement
A wireframe of an advertisement
A wireframe of an advertisement

Interactive advertising

To coincide with the launch of new Google+ features, I developed a series of interactive advertisements to illustrate the benefits Google+ can bring when you upload your photos.

  1. Users can hold their thumb on the edge of the flip book to play a photo animation.
  2. Users can select a better facial expression from one of the alternatives highlighted in the circles.
  3. Users can swipe their finger across a photo to remove the annoying photobomber.