Josh Collie
London, UK
Crafting a brand for a developer tool that's positioning itself to attack a new market.

Having created a tool that lives within developer terminals, Sourcery had never much considered their brand or UI. However, with a shift towards enterprise customers, the team required a refined visual presence that would instill confidence and clearly presented their proposition to the market in a way users would understand.

The process began with a design sprint over a few days to extract and discuss the motives and desires for what the rebrand should accomplish. Sprint exercises included taste calibration, competitor analysis and clarifying Sourcery’s mission and users.

The sessions resulted in the creation of a messaging framework to base a lean brand upon that could prepare Sourcery for the next steps of their journey.

Time was taken to explore a variety of directions for the logotype before settling on a direction that fused elements of programming through use of angled brackets and a negative space caret. The latter of which would serve as a brand identity element.

Sourcery design system

It’s important that small startups have the confidence to build and maintain their product or brand in a consistent manner which is why we delivered a comprehensive component library and design system for their digital products.

To ensure a high quality implementation we took responsibility for reviewing and approving the Storybook and website implementation from initial development to launch.

Sourcery styleguide

As so much of development is text based, I suggested the team go “all-in” by using text and characters as a primary way to communicate the brand. One example is the imagery used throughout articles on the website that incorporate ASCII art rather than typical stock photography you may find on 99% of other sites.

We then sought to improve key metrics for the team by designing small tweaks to the architecture of the application. Changes that could be easily and quickly implemented to demonstrate whether there may be additional changes that could significantly help the company.

Sourcery application dashboard

Sourcery launched their renewed brand in late 2022 and we continue to monitor performance of key metrics to guage success of the project.

When I saw the delivered work I was like “wow, this is amazing” Brendan Maginnis, CEO

Sourcery billboard mockup